2012 AACA Mechanic of the Year

Monday, April 09, 2012

Dallas Haman wears many hats, most of them have a K2 Aviation logo, but he also has a coat. (In actuality he probably has a few coats, this is Alaska.)  This particular coat identifies him as a member of Talkeetna's local Build-A-Plane (BAP) chapter.  We'll cover more about BAP in another blog post, this one is all about Dallas, our K2 Station Director of Maintenance. 

From humble beginnings as a small child born at an early age, he worked for Beegles Aircraft Services in Colorado before making the big move to Alaska. In 2004 he joined the K2 Aviation maintenance team that keeps our fleet in tip-top flying condition. After all, no matter how great our pilots are (and they are), how friendly the customer service is (and it is), and how clear the mountain that day (always keeping our fingers crossed for great weather), without Dallas (and the rest of the crew in the hangar) the flights wouldn't get very far.

In addition to his full-time job and running a Bed and Breakfast with his wife, he also has a vital leadership role with the Talkeetna BAP program.  According to Rebecca Fisher, Director of Talkeetna Build-A-Plane, Dallas was enthusiastic and supportive from the beginning.  As the program grew, Dallas committed more and more of his time and energy volunteering and gradually took on more responsibilities.  His good nature, natural teaching skills, and love of aviation inspires the kids in the program to not only do what is expected of them, but to go above and beyond.  There is a genuine mutual respect between the youth and Dallas that is obvious when you step into the hangar on a BAP evening.  The kids are learning not only how to completely rebuild a Cherokee Six, they are learning so much more from a very patient, calm, and skilled individual.

 In February, Dallas was honored with the 2012 Mechanic of the Year Award by the Alaska Air Carriers Association.  As the award states, "in recognition of [his] inspirational and enthusiastic commitment to mentoring youth through leadership of the Talkeetna Build-A-Plane program."  We're all proud of Dallas, and though he was the one honored with the award, we consider ourselves the ones who are truly honored for having such a great guy and skilled mechanic in our K2 Aviation family.   

Keep up the great work, Dallas!

Some of  the Talkeetna Build-A-Plane kids and instructors pictured with Dallas and his award, center.





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