The Long Journey of a de Havilland Beaver

Sunday, August 29, 2010

K2 Aviation operates several different aircrafts, one of the being the de Havilland Beaver.  The K2 Aviation Beavers were manufactured in the 1950s by the Canadian company de Havilland.  It was the first airplane ever built specifically for bush flying, which means it is great for our purposes of flying to the glacier and to remote landing strips.

Its large winged design gives it excellent “short take-off and landing” capabilities, and also gives it a unique appearance.  The nose of the plane is a massive 9-cylinder radial engine, whose design dates back to World War II; the flat nose even resembles a pug.  The plane is very comfortable to fly in and has windows that give every passenger a remarkable view.  Our de Havilland Beavers even served in the U.S. Army when they first left the factory.  It’s hard to believe that the Army green airplane seen in front of the Golden Gate Bridge in 1959 is the same one K2 Aviation is flying today!

~ Chase

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