Moose Visit K2

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This morning as I was busily processing summer reservations, I glanced out the window and a moose looked back at me.  He was calmly strolling down the Talkeetna State Airport taxiway, just checking out his flight options, apparently.  I got the impression he was looking for a flight in first class with plenty of leg room and overhead storage space.  He turned in to the K2 employee parking lot and browsed some willows by our plow truck before heading across the street to thicker forests.  As it's pretty busy with everyone calling for our super "20% off 2011 summer bookings made by January 31st"  deal, I could only dash out and grab a couple of hasty photos as he was on his way into the trees.  I'll post more photos if he wanders back...