Is It Snowing in July?

Friday, July 16, 2010

One of the most frequently asked questions from our K2 Aviation customers is,

“What kind of tree is in the front yard of your office?” 

This massive, beautiful tree is known as the Populus Trichocarpa, commonly known as the Black Cottonwood.  This tree is the largest hardwood tree in western North America and can grown anywhere from 60-120 feet high.  If you visit the K2 Aviation office during the summer, you often find white fluffy clusters scattered around the lawn.  Our Black Cottonwood tree is constantly shedding seeds in the form of fluffy catkins, which appear like unharvested cotton.  
When it’s flying through the air, the cottony clusters of seeds can make Talkeetna appear like it’s facing a snowstorm in July!  Our K2 Aviation pilots have even reported seeing it flying through the air at altitudes as high as 1,000 feet!

~ Chase & Mandy