K2 Hats Off!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

K2 Aviation has the most devoted baseball cap customers in the world! This month I’ve had multiple phone/email conversations with K2 hat owners that have literally loved their hats to death. I got an email from Brent, whose wife won’t allow him out of the house in his K2 hat anymore. He said it’s so dirty, even the dishwasher won’t get it clean. He’s been wearing it since his 50th birthday, 8 years ago, after his 4th K2 flight up to Mt. McKinley. I also have been exchanging emails with John, who has given me a whole new appreciation for the art of haberdashery. Thanks to John I know that we need to carry structured five panel hats with a buckram flap! Who knew??? I had to send John some bonus decals and K2 temporary tattoos for his research. John is actually creating his own custom K2 hat with our iron-on patches so that he can represent with style on his trip to Mexico next week. Now, our hat selection is pretty extensive; we must have 20 different styles, and an article of clothing this personal obviously takes some thought. So what I do for these discriminating customers is send a digital photo of our entire hat selection and let them choose their look. I really think we should start a “K2 Hats Off!” competition for the best hat story of the year. Even while I’m writing this, I had to stop and sell another hat!