Friday, November 13, 2009

What a beautiful day!  Yesterday it was snowing heavily.  Today the skies are blue and our normally vibrant red planes are wearing their "winter" coats.  Alaska is stunning, whether it's dressed in the glorious greens of summer or blanketed in the glistening white of winter.  What is really amazing is when you can combine the two sights in a single day.  In the summer months, taking a flight with K2 Aviation means you get to enjoy both! Taking off from the town of Talkeetna you soar over all the lush vegetation of the Northern Susitna Valley and then you find yourself gazing in awe at the permanently frozen glaciers and peaks of the Alaska Range.  Such a stark contrast, it really takes your breath away. 

Here's a picture of our DeHavilland Beaver relaxing after the big snow fall of Veterans Day 2009- 9inches recorded at the Talkeetna State Airport.


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