Nice Surpise

Friday, May 22, 2015


There are many wonderful days on the glacier for our pilots, but some resonate more than others. Here Stan Steck shares one of his favorites:

      A perfect flight starts with a plane full of excited passengers. The weather was all a pilot could hope for. We landed at the Mountain House on the Ruth Amphitheater so everyone could enjoy some time on a glacier with incredible views all around.

    One young man from Seattle asked me to take a picture of him with his girlfriend. I had thought that his excitement was due to being on the Ruth Glacier, but after I studied the camera for a few seconds, I looked up and saw that he was on one knee, looking up at her with a small box in his hand! I wasted no time taking shot after shot to capture her delight and surprise. I believe I caught her with her hands slightly unclasped as she said, “Well of course!” They then shared their first hug and kiss as an engaged couple.  

    On the way back to Talkeetna I looked back and observed them looking out opposite sides of the aircraft, holding hands. When we landed I said, “I thought you would be looking at each other.” To which he replied, “There is plenty of time for that.”


Photo credit: Alasdair Turner