Airport Wildlife?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Although most who visit us would say that Mt. McKinley; a.k.a. Denali is their main focus when coming to flightsee with K2 Aviation, we thought you'd enjoy a little story from the ramp.

A baby squirrel decided he needed a little K2 lovin’. A few weeks ago,
David Nelson was doing his outside nightly closing duties when all of a
sudden a small furry creature came falling out of the trees a good 20
feet. David swooped the poor little guy up from the ground to find
that he was severely injured. He fed and watered him and then decided
to build a small box home to keep the baby warm overnight.

The next few days the squirrel was nursed back to health with the help
of Teslin Matthews and let back into the wild.

Another happy ending here at K2 Aviation