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Truly a Once-in-a-lifetime Experience

Our Denali flightseeing tours are often called a "once in a lifetime experience" by our guests. The K2 Aviation staff is committed to ensuring that you have the best possible experience on your flightseeing tour.

Choose the Best Tour For You!

The K2 Aviation Staff will be glad to tell you about the difference in the flightseeing tours and help you find the best tour for you. We have provided a map with our routes and tour highlights below. For those traveling with kids, check out our flying with kids page.

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Denali Experience

Blue Flight Route:

$220 per person, 1 hour
$310 with glacier landing
* Glacier landing adds 30 minutes           * Flight times may vary
*All flights subject to 5.5% transportation fee

This route is so good it's the foundation for all our flightseeing tours. Soar over the Tokositna Glacier as it winds to Denali's base flying within 6 miles of Denali's towering summit. Descend into the Amphitheater on the Ruth Glacier. See Moose's Tooth and Broken Tooth. 


  • Moose's Tooth, Broken Tooth
  • Mt. Barille
  • Tokositna Glacier
  • Ruth Glacier
  • The Great Gorge
  • Ruth Ice Fall
  • South Face of Denali
  • Don Sheldon Amphitheater
  • Talkeetna's three rivers
  • The broad Susitna Valley

Denali Flyer

Yellow Flight Route:

$285 per person, 1 1/4 hours
$375 with glacier landing
* Glacier landing adds 30 minutes           * Flight times may vary
*All flights subject to 5.5% transportation fee

Our most popular flightseeing tour of Denali. This flight takes you to the western end of Denali National Park and Preserve. Explore the south of Denali Park including seeing the high mountains such as Denali (20,320 ft.), Mt. Foraker (17,400 ft.), and Mt. Hunter (14,573 ft.). 


  • Includes McKinley Experience Tour Route
  • South Hunter Ice Fall
  • West Ridge of Mount Hunter
  • Climber's Base Camp
  • West Buttress Route, most popular climbing route
  • Little Switzerland, Kanikula,Tokositna, and Ruth Glaciers

Denali Grand Tour

Green Flight Route:

$335 per person, 1 1/2 hrs
$425 with glacier landing
* Glacier landing adds 30 minutes           * Flight times may vary                                * All flights subject to 5.5% transportation fee

See Denali from all sides; north, south, east and west. This flightseeing tour completely circles the mountain providing the most comprehensive tour of Denali National Park. You will soar over the Divide, where you will marvel at Denali's incredible Wickersham Wall (14,000 ft).


  • Includes McKinley Experience and Flyer Routes
  • Climber's Base Camp and the West Buttress
  • The Wickersham Wall: 14,000 foot continuous vertical rise of rock and ice 
  • The Eldridge and Coffee Glaciers
  • The breathtaking north side of Denali

Climber/Summit Tour

Red Flight Route:

$345 per person, 1 1/4 hrs
$460 w/glacier landing 2.25+hrs Oxygen equipped airplane
Some restrictions apply
* Flight times may vary                                * All flights subject to 5.5% transportation fee

This flightseeing tour covers the summits of Denali, Mt. Foraker and Mt. Hunter. Your multi-engine airplane will climb high above the Alaska Range for dramatic views of McKinley's Summit. You will see the high ridges that only the most intrepid climbers have touched.


  • Includes Denali Experience and Flyer Routes and the Grand Tour Route
  • All sides of Denali
  • High altitude flight allowing you to see vast landscape of Denali National Park 
  • Amazing summit views
Mount Foraker
Kahiltna Base Camp
Wickersham Wall, Mt. McKinley
The Whole Wall
Upper Kahiltna
Mount Huntington
Tokositna Glacier
Tokositna Glacier
Karstens Ridge
Don Sheldon Amphitheater
Mountain House
The Great Gorge
Ruth Glacier