Flying with Kids

Great News Parents!

We offer some special rates for kids.

Children 2 and Under:
Fly for free and are given a seat of their own.

Kids 12 and Under and Less than 100 pounds:
Our special rate for kids 12 and under and less than 100 pounds is $50 off all our regular flight tours. 

It is better to choose a shorter flight and maybe add a glacier landing so little ones can get out and move around. We do not recommend a flight that circles the mountain because the flight crosses to the North side of the mountain range requiring the plane to fly at a higher altitude. This could mean a greater likelihood that kids may have trouble with their ears. Another idea for folks wanting to see it all is for one parent to wait while the other parent flies; take turns. We see many families do this.

K2 Aviation Playground

We have an amazing green lawn. I have spent hours on the lawn playing with my own children. Up until recently, this was the playground in Talkeetna. We have a little cabin, a playhouse, monkey bars and jungle gym. We have swings for parents and picnic tables for families to enjoy lunch. We invite you to take advantage of the shady cottonwood tree and relax while your kids play.

Please note: The Summit Flight is available for kids 12 and older, only.

Car Seats

Traveling with little kids is always an adventure. We provide a seat for every passenger including your little person. Car seats must be FAA approved (look on the side of your seat and it will say). If you do not have an approved FAA car seat, just give us a call and reserve one of our car seats. We require that little ones stay in the seat for takeoff and landing; it is safer for them. They can sit with a parent during the flight, however, they should be seated at all times.

Denali Day Hikes

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Interested in exploring Alaska?

Venture out on a Denali Day Hike.

K2 Specials

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AK residents celebrate your birthday with K2!

Happy birthday Alaskans! In your birthday month, we will offer you a percentage discount that matches your age...