Visiting Talkeetna

Talkeetna is a short drive from Anchorage. In a little over 2 hours (114 miles) you will find your self in this quaint, historic town.  Upon arrival the Alaska Range unfolds before you, showing the entire rise of the Denali from sea level to 20,320 feet.







Summer and winter

In summer, mountain climbers and visitors travel to Talkeetna to experience the grandeur of the mountains.  It is the starting point for climbers who begin their three week journey to Denali's summit. For visitors, it is the best place to flightsee Denali.

In winter, it is a quiet snow covered town with spectacular views and peaceful retreats.

Things to do in Talkeetna

  • Take a walking tour of historic Talkeetna
  • Enjoy the many restaurants and shops
  • Hike on the trails surrounding Talkeetna
  • Take a fishing trip to some of the salmon fishing
  • Catch the flag stop train and ride up the tracks for a unique adventure
  • Simply relax at the river's edge and take in the full view of the Alaska Range

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