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Climbing Logistics

Before Your Flight:

  1. Once you have arrived in Anchorage, you will want to purchase supplies (food and climbing) and pick up any rental gear.
  2. Arrange for shuttle, rail or airplane transportation to Talkeetna.
  3. Arrive in Talkeetna and check in with K2 office/confirm departure day and time.
  4. Go to Talkeetna Ranger Station for briefing.
  5. Return to K2 Aviation to weigh and sort gear at the K2 Hangar.
  6. Complete K2 climbing forms, purchase white gas, and declare any hazardous materials (such as butane).
  7. Store personal gear and get ready to go.
  8. Send emails and make phone calls before departing.

Excess Gear: Each climber is allowed to carry 125 pounds of gear with them. Each additional pound is charged at $1 per pound.



Your expedition has a few options for transportation between Anchorage to Talkeetna. Most expeditions choose a shuttle service because it costs less and allows them the flexibility of shopping on their way to Talkeetna. Some expeditions choose to fly or take the Alaska Railroad for their return trip to Anchorage. Our staff will be glad to assist you in making these reservations.


Please note that rates may vary. Please check directly with the accommodation.


It is important to carry some method of communicating in the mountains; you will need to decide which will work best for your expedition.