Tour Agents

Your clients will have a great time, guaranteed.

You won’t find a better Alaska experience than K2. We offer you and your clients excellent, professional service as well as a good time exploring Denali National Park. Our skilled pilots, state-of-the-art aircraft, and commitment to quality flying tours set K2 apart in the aviation industry.


Don’t worry about cancelling a trip. When weather does not allow for the tour your clients scheduled, K2 will provide a complete refund or offer them the option of taking an alternate flight.


It is our goal to work with our travel partners to provide commissions in a timely manner. If you have not worked with K2 Aviation before, you may want to contact our office. We’ll help you set up an easy way to reserve a trips for your clients, and a method for receiving your commissions.

How We Help You

To support your sales, we have a number of resources available: brochures, information sheets for reference books, information on our planes, and rights-free photos. If you are planning an “Alaska party” or travel night, we can supply you with prizes. We’d love to represent our company to you; K2 offers travel professionals special pricing for tours.

K2 Aviation Planes, Capacity with Pictures of Planes K2 Aviation Planes, Capacity with Pictures of Planes (692 KB)

Want to Know More?

For assistance with any of the above items, please email with “Cole Ouellette for Sales Assistance” in the title.