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Climbing Details

Denali Climbing Made Easy. K2 Offers:

  • Available by email, fax, or phone to help you plan your expedition and answer questions.
  • Help arranging your transportation to and from Talkeetna.
  • Assistance in reserving hostel or hotel lodging in Anchorage or Talkeetna if needed. We will help you find best value and fit for your group.
  • Shuttles to get expedition members to and from hostel/hotels and National Park Service.
  • Secure storage for valuables.
  • A tracking system for our climbers. We are happy to field calls from friends and family.
  • A climber hangar where you can sort gear, prepare for a climb, hang out on rainy days, or dry tents and get organized for your return home.
  • Our largest ski plane fleet: four De Havilland Turbine Otters that can transport 7 climbers and gear, two De Havilland Beavers that can transport 4 climbers and gear, and two Cessna 185s that can transport 3 climbers and gear.
  • Wireless service.
  • Snowshoe and sled rentals (many sleds are rigged, but bring your own rig to be safe).
  • Group discounts.

Safety First at K2 Aviation:

K2 Aviation has the best glacier safety record. We consider safety in all of our decision making. You count on us to get you there and back safely.

Weather Worries? No Problem.

Getting to and from the mountain is simple when the weather is good. However, the weather in the mountains is constantly changing; for some, this can lead to several days of not being able to get to Base Camp. K2 Aviation has a large number of ski planes, and we are able to get climbers into the mountains for their climb and back to Talkeetna during short weather windows.

Over 60 Years’ Experience

The Rust Family has been operating in Alaska since 1959. Our float and ski-plane fleet includes more than 19 airplanes, making us the largest airport flight operator in the state. We bring this experience and expertise to your flight.

Providing a Better Soundscape

At K2, we look for creative solutions for quieter planes. In 2002, K2 Aviation introduced the quieter, more efficient De Havilland Otter turbine for mountain operations. We have since added three Otters to our fleet; each can transport 6 climbers with gear.